5 Music Effects On Human Brain Performance

Just like any other sound, the music received by the ear will be processed by the brain to produce a certain perception. But not only that, the tone sequence of music can also affect how the brain works and responds to stimuli, both from outside and inside the body.

The phenomenon of how music can affect the human brain has been studied for a long time. You may not realize it, when you pass by on the sidewalk there are people who are playing street pianos may seem ordinary, but it takes mutual help from different parts of the brain to recognize and string sounds received when we listen to music.

What are the effects of music on brain performance?

Here are some ways music can affect the brain:

  1. Music triggers brain development

At birth, the baby’s brain is not the same as the adult brain. The brain will experience the process of differentiation during childhood. This process occurs by recognizing the environment, especially recognizing sounds, speech, and certain tones.

A study by Nina Kraus published on the Live Science website shows that people who practice playing a musical instrument can respond to sounds and language better. They will also tend to experience a slower process of brain aging. In another study, Kraus also found practicing musical instruments can improve a person’s ability to hear in a noisy atmosphere, and recognize the emotional aspects of a speech.

  1. Helping the brain to think more creatively

Every time you listen to new music, your brain forms a new little structure based on the set of audible tones. The process also helps think of forming a new way of thinking.

Another interesting fact is, if we are diligent to follow music trends or listen to new music, this can increase creativity.

Indeed, many people, especially those who are not young anymore, who prefer to listen to songs from his youth than the new songs that are a trend. These new songs may not be too good to hear because our brains are not familiar with the tone sequence, but regular listening to new music can actually encourage the brain to understand new things.

  1. Help to learn a new language

The tone sequence of music evokes a response similar to the language. Both tone and language are stored in the brain structure associated with the process of motivation, reward, and emotion.

Learning the language of the lyrics of certain songs that use a language other than our mother tongue, will make the brain more quickly remember and predict the structure of sentences and language used in the song. In this way, the language is processed and remembered along with the tone, in the large part of the brain and amygdala, not in the frontal lobes used to memorize or remember.

  1. Trigger distraction

Distraction occurs when the brain does not respond to a stimulus normally. It is certainly useful if we want to avoid a stimulus that makes us stop doing, for example when we’re … Read the rest

Plan Ahead for Your Move

Chances are, you have had to move at one point in your life. Whether or not you have moved from an apartment to a house, a house to another house, or anything in between, you know that there are always plenty of things to get done while you prepare to move. A checklist can help you determine what you need to accomplish before you can call your new residence your own.

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Finally, you will want to take the time to finish up any paperwork before you move. Mostly, this will contain of setting up a forwarding address for your mail and changing the addresses for your many accounts. Many banks and credit card companies will allow you to change your billing address online, but some may need you to visit a physical branch to make the change. Changing your mailing address can be done online or in person, but it is a good idea to change that in the days before your move to ensure all mail is delivered to the right address.

Moving can be physically and mentally taxing. If you take the time to plan your move out and start working early, you can lessen your workload considerably. This not only will allow you to reduce your stress, but actually let you get to work on moving day cleaning your … Read the rest