Four Healthy Strategies that Help Resolve Marital Conflict

If you are married long enough, disagreements will happen. This is a part of life. The way you handle these disagreements is important in creating a healthy, happy marriage. Arguments can quickly escalate into destructive territory if not handled and approached correctly. The purpose of any argument in your marriage is to resolve the problem fairly. Attorney Leigh Daniel is an expert in marital conflicts. Here are some tips to resolve marital conflicts in a healthy way.

Fair Fighting

No matter how good your marriage is, conflicts happen. According to psychologists, the key to a constructive disagreement is a matter of how you fight. Avoid criticism of your spouse that doesn’t stay on topic. It’s not fair to attack your spouse’s appearance or work ethic if the disagreement is about raising your kids. Showing contempt by screaming and yelling, or name calling, will not solve the problem or help you to see your spouse’s side of things. Try to listen and absorb what your spouse is saying rather than being defensive.

Apologize Quickly

We are all human and sometimes we snap during an argument. Recognize if this happens and apologize quickly. Pride often stops us from apologizing, even when we know we did something wrong, but pride has no place in a healthy marriage. If neither one of you can admit when you have said or done hurtful things during a disagreement, it can build resentment over time. This resentment leads to other issues in the marriage. By apologizing quickly these issues aren’t allowed to fester. This makes it easier to move past the bad behavior and solve the original issue.

Take a Time-out

Sometimes during a disagreement between you and your spouse, things start to get heated. Maybe you attacked your spouse’s appearance or house cleaning ability. As soon as it comes out of your mouth, you wish you could take it back. Instead of continuing the argument and letting things escalate, take a time out. You go to your corner and let your spouse go to theirs. In the heat of the moment things can get said that can not be taken back. A cooling off period allows heated emotions to subside before the conversation is continued. A time out doesn’t mean the disagreement is tabled forever, or ignored, because that won’t solve anything either.

Use Positive Touch

Touching someone when trying to resolve a conflict conveys love. It is important for your spouse to know that you still love them, unconditionally, even when disagreements take place. Touching them lightly on the hand or back lets your spouse know that this disagreement is not the end of the world and doesn’t make you love them any less. That being said, if the argument does become heated, avoiding touch may be a better idea.

Using healthy strategies to resolve marital conflicts is the best way to ensure a happy marriage. If you find that these strategies are not helping, and arguments begin to happen more often or escalate … Read the rest

How To Protect Yourself And Others

Women are often told they aren’t capable of doing the same things as men, and with some things, this is true. However, there are different things that can equalize the differences where we seem to be lacking. Plus, it’s great to know that on many other areas, we excel where men seem to come up short. But besides all of that, and without getting into a debate about which is better, men or women, especially because we’re all human and we do need each other, there are things that we can share. One of those things is knowledge.

While women are known traditionally as the nurturers, and men as the protectors, women at home need to be able to do both quite often in this day and age. Either you’re a single woman or mother, or your husband isn’t around, and a situation develops that requires non-nurturing tactics. Or, perhaps you’re a prepper of any degree, serious and decked-out, or a newbie wanting to learn. Maybe just curious, or doing research for a novel you’re writing, or planning to write. Whatever your reason, knowledge is power. And knowing things that people who would do you harm don’t expect you to know can work to your benefit tremendously.

Where can you learn this sort of thing? By reading military field manuals. Yes, it sounds boring. Dry. Tedious, even. But it’s not. These manuals are actually very interesting, in an odd sort of way. It’s like a glimpse into how the men think, almost. The main point, though, is that you’ll learn how to handle different situations and any type of firearm you’re interested in buying or using from a professional standpoint. The military invests scads of money into training or men and women who fight to maintain our liberty and they don’t skip out when it comes to loading t manuals up with valuable information.

While it might seem like a guy-type of thing to do, protecting your home so you can continue with your role of nurturing Mommy isn’t something to take lightly. Plus, these are not just about rifles and pistols, but other aspects of protecting yourself and others, and it’s not just from a would-be attacker, either. Knowing how to fend for yourself while away from home can be something that can save your life. The confidence that knowledge brings is always invaluable to both men and women alike, no matter who you are or where you live.… Read the rest