Right Hair Care Tip For Your Hair Type

Right Hair Care Tip For Your Hair Type

Do you feel that your regular hair care routine is not sufficient for the well-being of your hair? Are the results not visible at all? Maybe, this is your time to switch to Olaplex juuksehooldus products and adopt a better hair care routine that is suitable for your hair type. 

You must understand that your hair is different from others; hence, it has unique needs that cannot be fulfilled with a standard hair care routine. 

The right hair care routine begins with the identification of your hair type and its requirements. A hair care routine that is tailored as per the needs of your hair to supply what it lacks will make your hair look healthier over time. Whereas, insufficient hair care or applying wrong products on hair can further damage them. 

There are majorly four different types of hair. We have listed down the types of hair and what the perfect hair care routine will mean for them:

  • Straight hair 

Straight hair is likely to be the healthiest among all as they are easy to manage and has almost no need for maintenance. But this does not mean that you should have a hair care routine at all for your straight hair

Straight hair allows natural oil to fall down to the strands and your hair appears to be greasy. Hence, you need to prepare a hair care routine that keeps your hair grease-free for days and allows easy styling. Do not condition the scalp as your scalp have sufficient natural oil for hydration, but condition the strands. 

  • Wavy hair 

Wavy hair needs good care to be easily manageable and allow easy styling. Wavy hairs fall between the straight and curly hair. 

They might be smooth at roots but frizzy at ends. The hair care routine for wavy hair needs to focus on the moisturization of strands. Avoid frequently washing your hair to avoid frizziness and deeply condition your hair to define your waves. 

Some hot oil massage can do wonders for the natural texture of your hair. Do not use heat and hot air to style your hair. 

  • Curly hair 

Curly hair might be very pretty to see, but very difficult to take proper care of. They are prone to dryness and dry curls lose their definition which makes them look frizzy. 

The problem with curly hair is that the natural oils from the scalp do not get to travel down to the shoots. If you have curly hair then your hair car products must not have any sulfate or harsh chemicals. And conditioners are a must for your hair. Focus on hydrating your hair as much as possible.  

Washing your hair twice a week would be enough. A curl-defining cream can make your hair perfectly manageable. 

A healthy eating habit can also help you see a drastic change in your hair texture. And, never underestimate the power of quality products by Beauty Partners to treat your hair right.

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