Tips You Should Know Before Going for Your First Embroidery Session!

Tips You Should Know Before Going for Your First Embroidery Session!

Getting embroidery therapy can change your life. Many people appreciate the ease of not having to apply eyeliner and fill up their brows every day. However, many people are still unclear about what precisely goes into having a brow or eyeliner embroidery. So, here are some pointers you should know before your first session!

Don’t be afraid to double-check with the technician before she begins.

Any semi-permanent embroidery treatment should involve a full pre-treatment consultation with the technician who will do the embroidery on you. In reality, you’ve probably never encountered the sensation of a needle continuously piercing you in the eyes or on your face. It may be extremely frightening. So, request an experienced technician and don’t hesitate to ask her questions. For example, you can ask how many similar treatments she has performed or even for photos and testimonials of her work on delighted clients. Also, before she ever goes close to you with the tattooing gear, ensure she sketches the contour of the eyeliner or brows to your satisfaction.

If you experience discomfort, you can request that the numbing medication be reapplied.

Because numbing creams or lotions used for aesthetic embroidery treatments are topically administered, they are significantly weaker and less long-lasting than injectable anaesthetics. In a nutshell, they wear off, sometimes fast, depending on your pain threshold. If you start to feel the intense pain of the needle during the tattooing or embroidery procedure, whether on the brows or along the eye line, do not be afraid to speak out and request extra numbing cream. Of course, your treatment will take longer because the technician will have to wait several minutes before the numbing chemical takes action. But it’s completely worth it for those who are afraid of pain.

The numbing cream irritates the eyes.

This is for all of you eyeliner embroidery newbies out there. Once you’ve decided on your eyeliner appearance, thickness, and colour, and the treatment is ready to begin, a numbing agent will be given to your lash line, which may hurt your eyes. However, this is due to the nature of the numbing chemical itself, and most reputable salons have guaranteed that despite the stinging, this is safe for use on the eye region. Also, without the numbing agent, the eyeliner tattooing would be pretty unpleasant. Therefore you must tolerate the mild stinging of the numbing agent in order for the tattooing process to be less painful.

You can request for a pause or a break.

You are not required to be a hero by lying still on the treatment bed or chair. You’re just human, after all. If you are uncomfortable or the technician is yanking on your eyelids too hard, speak out. As previously said, request a reapplication of numbing cream if necessary, and don’t hesitate to request a short break midway during the session. You would probably blink like crazy and cry excessively because of the numbing chemical. As such, asking for breaks to wipe away the tears is entirely normal.