Importance Of Buying Sustainable Clothes

Importance Of Buying Sustainable Clothes

For a long time, people have been oblivious to the social, economic, and environmental impact the clothes they put on make on the environment.

We are unaware of the chemical and manufacturing processes that our clothes undergo before ending up on our bodies.

Studies have shown that the clothing industry is responsible for approximately 10% of the total carbon emission recorded each year and sometimes known for the unethical practices it condones.

However, recently, sustainable fashion has become a popular trend after the rise of awareness of the negative impact the clothing industry has been making overtime.

Sustainable fashion has also raised the awareness of people minding their carbon footprint and taking note of their impact on the environment.

Here, we will take a look at why it is crucial to buy sustainable clothing and some of its perks.

Saving Natural Resources.

A study conducted in 2015 revealed that in making new clothing, 97% of the raw materials used are all new resources.

New resources include; new fertilizer used to plant cotton, new oils to synthesize different materials, new chemicals used to process fabrics, and even new dye to make different garments.

This increases the total annual resource input to millions of tonnes. Meaning tonnes of virgin resources have been depleted and more waste created.

Supporting sustainable fashion, however, they are more geared to manufacturing new clothing using recyclable fabric that imposes no pressure on new raw materials or virgin resources.

Also, sustainable clothing provides a way to combat the growing problem of waste management.

Saves our animals.

The leather industry alone has been said to be responsible for the killing of approximately 430 million animals in their pursuit of obtaining leather.

It is needless to say what crucial roles these animals play in maintaining biodiversity in the ecosystem.

Sustainable fashion, on the other hand, has looked at various ways to obtain fabric and materials that are completely cruelty-free.

Alternative ways have been employed and different pieces of fashion have been developed.

From yeast produced silk, polyester made out of recycled plastic bags, bags made out of seat belts that have been recycled to sneakers that have been manufactured with plant-based bio compostable material.

Fair and Safe Working Conditions.

Due to the constant demands of clothes and fabric the fast fashion has brought about, industries have created very hostile conditions for workers in these industries.

Other industries have even gone a long way to use child labor.

According to UNICEF, around 170 million children in the world are involved in a certain form of garment making where they are either too young to work or have been exposed to harmful unfavorable conditions.

From physical to verbal abuse, industries have mistreated their workers due to lack of workers unions that have regulations or due to the cheap nature of their labor.

This has resulted in a form of modern-day slavery; little pay and long endless working hours.

This has generally improved peoples’ lives and is helping in combatting poverty and eradicating child labor.

Saves Water.

It is estimated that 2,700 liters of water go into the production of one single shirt. Yes! One single shirt.

This is the water used to grow the cotton plants that are normally in constant need of moisture, the water used to dye different fabrics, and also the water used to cool down machines that process these clothes.

Also, many water sources end up being contaminated as the same industries dump their waste on water sources.

This has contributed to the growing need for freshwater worldwide and posed exigent conditions to aquatic life.

Sustainable fashion brands nonetheless have taken a close look at sustainable fabrics such as hemp and organic wool– which use 1% of the water used by normal wool.

Also, they have imposed regulations on their manufactures to follow proper waste disposal policies that are fit for the environment.


We have seen how sustainable clothing is keen to better the environment at the same time providing us quality and fashionable pieces. The question is? Where then can I purchase sustainable clothing?

There are a lot of fashion brands now coming up with better and affordable clothing. While they might be claiming to sell sustainable clothing, it can be a little tricky to certain this especially when you’re a first time customer of the shop.

This is why it is always important to check on consumer feedback on some of these brands. It is easier to find feedback on some popular fashion brand reviews.

You can start by reading Zaful’s review to check if it is a brand that endorses sustainable fashion and that its customers are satisfied with the general make of their clothes.