How to identify real virgin Russian hair extensions

How to identify real virgin Russian hair extensions

The demand for virgin Russian hair is increasing every day. The boom has become more apparent since this revolutionary hair extension styling is made available online. The availability of virgin Russian hair is rare. Most people do not understand the difference between virgin hairs and any hairs imported from Russia. There is a major section of the market that claims to sell virgin hair. But the real story is quite different. Many online providers are mistaken about the originality of the virgin hair extensions and use the tag just to boost the sale. There are very few specialists who provide virgin Russian hair extensions for real. While there are several doubts and mystification about this industry, there are ways you can ascertain the originality of the extensions. Below are some ways to identify the original hairs and save you from misleading claims and promotions.

  • After wash appearance

Most of the hair extensions that are advertised as virgin Russian hair extensions are chemically processed. They are often created by coloring and covering the Asian hairs with silicon. These hairs feel fine, soft and silky at the first look. But after a few washes, they tend to lose their look and texture. You can inquire about the after wash appearance and ask for assurance about that.

  • Russian virgin hair extensions cannot be naturally black

Russian hairs are not naturally black. Naturally-black hairs are often brought from Asian countries, especially India. These hairs are brought and processed to give them Russian look. Original Russian hairs would be a little blonde in their natural appearance. If you find natural black hairs that the vendor is claiming to be Russian, it is better to ignore the claim and drop the deal.

  • Don’t opt for dying warnings

If you see a warning against dying and bleaching, it is an indication that the hairs are not virgins. Such hairs are often already dyed and color processed. Once human hairs are dyed, they cannot be recolored or striped to de-color. These hairs often turn into a green mess, if you try to color or bleach them. It is advised to avoid buying the hairs with such warnings.

  • Be cautious about any chemical smell

Colors used to dye extension hairs have a peculiar smell. If you experience the smell of chemicals then the hairs are processed with chemicals. Apart from colors, there are also other chemicals used to make human hair look Russian. Any unusual smell means that the product is not a virgin at all. Virgin hairs are completely untouched by chemicals and have no such smell.

  • Be aware of the pre-made extensions 

Original virgin Russian extensions are never pre-made. They do not come in extension sets. The only way you can get virgin Russian hairs is in a bunch that is in a ponytail form. These hairs are taken in the row form and are transformed into a customized hand-made extension in about 4 to 6 hours.

  • No cuticle hairs should be avoided

Virgin hairs are taken from a single donor and therefore have no cuticles. On the contrary, factory-made extensions are made using hairs from multiple donors. This causes many cuticles and entanglement in the hairs. To resolve this problem, factory extensions are stripped and processed with silicon.

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