Body Shaper For Women: How Do I Know The Right Size?

Body Shaper For Women: How Do I Know The Right Size?

A body shaper, also called a girdle or shapewear, is a piece of clothing made with lycra and sheer fabric which gives shapes the contours of the female body, producing the illusion of a slimmer body shape when worn. Body shapers come in different sizes and shapes and are made with stretching material which makes them easy to wear.

Shapers are usually worn underneath clothes, compressing fat and loose to produce the visual effects of a perfect body shape. These shapers are said to enhance weight loss and fitness activities.

Shapewear generally works in three areas of the female body; that is the waist, middle area, and bottom. So it is designed in such a way that it pulls one into shape and curb the unwanted bulges. It flattens the lumps encircling one’s belly and hips results in a slim and uber-feminine look.

How to choose the right size of shapewear for your needs

Before now, shape wears were made with thick fabric which makes it so uncomfortable to wear, and also resulted in various health issues for the wearers, but with advancements in technology, lightweight fabrics are now used for ease of wearing for long hours.

Since body shapers are meant to compress loose flesh and fatty areas, finding the right fit can be difficult. As much as you want the product to shape your body, you still do not want one that is too tight or too loose. When a shaper is too tight, it may result in difficulty in breathing, among other health issues, as expressed by commenters on who use body shapers.

You should choose the shapewear suitable for the part of the body you target or want to shape. The most common areas are buttocks, thighs, or stomach fat. There are different types of shape wears to help attain perfect shape, including slips, panties, camisoles, bodysuits, and tights. Whichever part of the body you need to shape, you can get the exact shaper as well as the right size to get a good result.

Major uses of body shapers

Body shapers are generally used to achieve a slimmer figure for the wearer without necessarily going to the gym. Many women use shapers as dietary means to lose excess weight and to achieve a trim figure and be able to wear whatever outfit they desire until the results of the diet are eventually unveiled.

For those who would not consider undergoing cosmetic surgery, body shapers are a safer and less expensive alternative to achieve your dream figure. Since the shaper is discretely worn underneath the clothing, nobody has to find out how you got your body shape.


Although body shapers have been accepted as a quick means of achieving a slimmer figure and good body shape, it should also be noted that nothing is made all perfect and the side effects of body shapers should be well researched before going ahead to wearing them.

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