Shipping with Amazon in the UK: Best Merchant Services UK

Amazon is rolling out “Shipping with Amazon” or SWA in the UK. What about your business in the UK? Are you wondering where you can find the best merchant services UK to take your business to the next level with ease? If you’re interested in all these, just keep on reading the post.

Shipping with Amazon & Best Merchant Services UK

Shipping with Amazon (SWA) was launched in Los Angeles in 2018. Now, when the SWA is available throughout the country, the eCommerce giant is focused on rolling it out in the UK. Amazon is preparing to expand SWA with rapid advances.

When Amazon rolled out its marketplace for the 1st time, merchants had to ship their own products. Many are still doing so. Later, Amazon introduced its “Seller Fulfilled Prime” that allowed for keeping stock in one’s own warehouse with Amazon or 3rd-party couriers collecting it just immediately after it was sold to delivery to the end user.

Now, SWA is like an extended version of the mentioned service, only it’s to do with collecting and delivering products sold outside Amazon. Merchants may offer their products on a competing marketplace or on their own website, and Amazon will organize the delivery on their behalf.

What about your own eCommerce business in the UK? What steps are you taking to provide more advanced services for your customers? Well, first of all, you should use the right merchant services for your company, which you can get only from a true payment expert in your field.

Thankfully, a respectable payments-processor comparison company in the UK can help you discover the best merchant services that can perfectly meet your business wants and needs. Make sure the processor-comparison company:

  • Is focused on terms, complaints, and integration
  • Reviews contracts, rates, and fees so you get the best deal
  • Checks every single detail so you avoid overpaying caused by unclear terminology, hidden costs, and dishonest sales tactics
  • Scores each major review and complaints website
  • Provides the most honest snapshot of credit-card processing companies at the time of writing
  • Checks how each payment-processing provider is organizing the integration process so you enjoy a smooth transition and onboarding process
  • Helps you find the payment partner that’s the best fit for your business
  • Guarantees the right solution for your business
  • Finds the lowest rates and the best customer service for your company
  • Provides free consultation and advice

Amazon in the UK: New Plans

In the UK, Amazon offers shipping comes with logistic capabilities as a product/service. This is called “Amazon Shipping,” and its 1st customers are Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) Sellers in the UK. Thanks to this service, domestic volume can be shipped via Amazon’s delivery network.

Amazon has recently decided to hire 2.000 new employees in the UK as the eCommerce giant is working on its latest technology ventures. These new hires are going to be engineers, software developers, and data scientists who’ll be developing Amazon’s most recent technology solutions.

To sum up, Amazon is now focused on Shipping with Amazon (SWA) in the UK. The eCommerce giant is planning to expand the service rapidly.

Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of the industry, including the best merchant services UK, has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.

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