There were many rumors online and in certain Nigerian publications that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife of 20 years, Anita were getting a divorce. As shocking as it was, the truth came out on August 29th when Rev. Anita filed for divorce at the Central Family Court in High Holborn, London, UK.

It took a week, but Pastor Oyakhilome came out and made it a public announcement. Pastor Chris told his congregation and membership that it is true that divorce was not supported in the Bible, but since Rev. Anita insisted upon it, there was nothing that he could do but agree. Pastor Oyakhilome and his wife Rev. Anita grew Christ Embassy Church to the global church that it is today. His wife travelled and ministered by his side.

Chris Oyakhilome stated that Christians should not get divorced, but there are times when they may have to. Pastor Chris also said that getting divorce does not make it the right thing to do. Pastor further said that even though a woman is married to a man of God, that doesn’t immediately make her a woman of God nor does it make her mature, which is why the Bible does not identify wives married to Men of God. He said that people expect the wife of a minister to be at the same spiritual level that he is, therefore people view them to be equal, but Pastor Chris said that her position is just a church post.

The Nigerian and South African media published stories that Pastor Chris Oykhilome was accused of erratic behavior and adultery. Chris Oykhilome said that these allegations were untrue and spoke before his church members asking them to pray for Rev. Anita.

For the time being, Pastor Oyakhilome has threatened to sue certain journalists for invading his privacy and initially publishing divorce rumors. Chris and Anita Oykhilome will share custody of their two girls. Presently, the elder girl is living with Pastor Chris and the other daughter is living with her mother.

Pastor Oykhilome reported that he was never accused of the accusations published nor did he do them. Pastor Chris compared his situation to Jesus Christ being accused of things that were not true, but like Christ, he said he will remain steadfast that it was not going to change who he is – a Man of God.

He further preached that a man of God doesn’t just worship God or preach about God, he is handpicked by God and does not sin. Continuing in his speech, Pastor Chris stated that in order not to work or live in sin because sin and righteousness don’t mix, we should only walk in the light and do what is right.

Pastor Chris told his congregation in his motivational speaker style to remain wise and focused only on the word of God. He said don’t listen to people who like to use his divorce as fodder, including fellow Christians. He further stated that his church members should not judge too quickly and not to make something big out of his personal news.