The Must-Know Electrical Troubleshooting Techniques for All Electricians As an electrician, you are expected to encounter a lot of electrical circuits and drives that will malfunction when they age. In time, you will turn to be a master in the repair of the mentioned devices. But now that you are yet a starter, it is an ideal thing to know of some practical measures to solve those problems. Just go on reading in order to started right away. The solid-state electronic AC motive drive is becoming very popular in industrial plants these days. It is in control of a wide range of devices like mixers, machine tools, chillers, air handlers, conveyors and pumps. Even more, it has the capability to controlling a large set of other electrical devices that were originally powered by DC or designed to run in a constant speed. Since the damages of such electrical devices are usually due to the rectifier section, it would help much to have knowledge on insulated gate bipolar transistors, silicone controlled rectifiers, diodes and transistators. The pulse width modulated inverter drives are among the most popular kinds of AC drives today. What happens is that the AC line voltage is turned into a DC and then built again into a variable frequency. The motor speed is most of the times dependant on the changing of frequency. For the sake of ensuring the motor torque is maintained, the volts-to-frequency ratio is put at a constant.
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Now, what does it take for you to troubleshoot a motor drive? Because most of the failures in the power section and not in the circuit boards, that will not be so difficult to fix. If you are a plant maintenance technician, you are not likely to experience a great number of problematic instances that have something to do with the circuit boards, which is the reason why mastering such may be difficult. It takes a methodical approach to be able to effectively troubleshoot a variable frequency drive. The divide-and-conquer method that is taught in almost all technical schools become handy when your knowledge about the device to be repaired is not that much.
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One thing you need to be mindful of is that a good troubleshooter will always decide to set aside first the box or section where signal is no longer passing and right after, gets the repair work started. Another very essential thing that you need to keep in mind is that a good electrician who looks forward to repairing a dead VFD quickly and efficiently takes into account the different safety measures that have to be used before, during and even after the troubleshooting process. Even when capacitors are unplugged, they can retain dangerous charge that are harmful.