There are a number of different opinions on which country has the best hair for extensions and if you are currently researching extensions yourself, here are a few facts that may come in handy.

A review of hair extension sources


Chinese hair is not suitable for hair extensions for Caucasian women due to its unique structure, which is round and very straight. Chinese hair is also very difficult to blend. However, because the hair is strong and has a large number of cuticles, it is ideal for high-end wigs.

South America

The majority of South American hair is curly or wavy, with an elliptical shape. Again, this type of hair is not suited to Caucasian women but it’s perfect for African and South American women.


Indian hair has the most similar structure to Caucasian hair, is as strong as Chinese hair but is slightly softer, which makes it quite unique. Indian hair extensions are also the easiest to blend with Caucasian hair and will last up to 24 months.

Sourcing hair ethically

EH Hair is one of the best tape hair extensions salons in Sydney and only uses hair that has been ethically sourced. This means that the hair extensions are not causing harm to others.

India is the only country that has a tradition of donating hair as the Hindu religion requires women to shave their hair at the temples as a symbol of releasing their egos.

Before the hair was used to produce extensions, it was used to make mattresses and oil filters but no money was exchanged. The temples are now paid per kilo for the hair that is donated for extensions.

Remy hair extensions

When purchasing your hair extensions, always look for the term “Remy hair”. This means that the hair hasn’t been processed and all of the cuticles are facing the same direction. Remy hair won’t tangle when you brush it and is guaranteed to last far longer. Non-Remy, or synthetic hair, is treated with acid to remove the cuticles before it is coated with silicon. Even though the hair looks shiny and feels smooth, the coating will wash off and leave you with dry, unnatural locks.

The term “virgin hair” is something else to look out for as it means that the hair has never been chemically treated. In other words, it hasn’t been coloured. India is the biggest supplier of virgin hair.

Buying cheap hair extensions

While it may be tempting to save some money, cheap hair extensions will only waste your money. Cheap extensions are sorted by a machine, which means the hair is damaged in the process. The extensions are also treated with acid and silicon before being shipped.

Unfortunately, these low-quality extensions won’t last very long and once the silicone coating washes off, your extensions will be far more noticeable and you will need to replace them much sooner than you would quality hair extensions.