As per recent reports, it has been seen that the marriage rates are supposedly on a decline. The same old statistics which has been repeated is that 50% of the first marriages usually end up in divorce and since the last 30 years, the figures haven’t changed. The rates of divorce have always varied depending on the level of educational qualification of the partners, their religious beliefs and several other factors.

When a divorce takes place, it leads to difficulties for the children (if there are any) and also the adults. In case of adults, divorce can always have a heartbreaking impact. The decision to opt for a divorce is usually met with uncertainty and ambivalence regarding the future. You can take into account this page to know more on how a counselor can do for you. Read on to know the situations when you can seek help of a marriage counselor.

  • When your personal communication becomes negative

As soon as you see that your level of communication has deteriorated, it is tough to move back to a good position. When we say negative communication, this includes everything which can leave a partner insecure, depressed and disregarded. The tone of the conversation can also be included within this. Hence, it is vital to remember what you say and the way you use it.

  • When either one partner or both of them have another affair

It is not impossible to step back from an affair but it definitely takes enough hard work, willingness and commitment to forgive your partner and move on. Though it is true that there is no such magic formula for recovering from any affair, yet in case both individuals are committed to the process of therapy and they’re both honest, the marriage will be saved. It might be determined to be healthier for both people to move on.

  • When both partners don’t know how to solve differences

Whenever a couple starts experiencing the discord and they get aware about it, knowing is winning half the battle. There are several times when the couple say that they’re aware of what’s wrong but they just don’t know how to fix things. This is indeed the best time to involve a third party. When a couple gets stuck in such issues, a skilled counselor can often help.

Therefore, if you think you’ve been going through such issues in your relationship, you should never delay seeking help of a professional counselor.