Whether you have a cheap or expensive watch, or a traditional or digital watch, they do all run into problems eventually regardless of their value. It’s always a pain when your watch stops ticking and you have no idea why. However, if your watch is currently in an unworkable state or it’s experiencing smaller issues, have a look at some of the helpful information below which could help you solve your current watch problem(s).

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The Second Hand is Ticking Faster Than Normal

This varies a lot from watch to watch and, sometimes it’s completely unnoticeable. However, when you do eventually notice your second hand is ticking faster than usual, it’s usually down to your battery. To troubleshoot this problem, you simply need to take out your old battery and replace it with a new one, as this problem tells you your current battery is coming to the end of its life. If the problem is a lot more serious, take it to a local watch repair Bangkok stall where they’ll be able to fix it for you.

No Hands Are Moving

In this case it’s usually nothing to worry about and simply replacing the battery should fix the issue. However, it’s crucial you take care in doing so and use the right tools, otherwise, you could cause internal damage. It’s always best to take your watch to a specialist in this case, but there’s nothing wrong with having a go yourself if you have the right tools and experience. This is the most common issue and one of the easiest to fix, but there could be severe problems with your watch if this solution doesn’t get your watch hands moving again.

The Watch Buttons Are Stuck

This issue is far from ideal, especially if you’ve used your watch nonstop for years. Corrosion can often happen to older watches, and sometimes a bit of dirt can be the common cause. This is very much fixable, though, and with a little care and tedious cleaning you can get your watch working as new again. There could also be an issue with the springs that support the buttons, but this isn’t usually the case. If, however, you have dropped your watch or damaged it another way, your springs could have come loose.

Your Digital Watch Has a Black Screen

Depending on the make/model of the digital watch you currently have, it will vary greatly in terms of how you solve this issue. It could be a case of switching it on and off again, or by doing a hard reset. It could also be a huge problem if the screen has been damaged and there is now conductive fluid leaking between the pieces of glass. If you can’t solve the issue, you may need a specialist to aid you.

There are hundreds of problems that watch owners will come across during their ownership. However, the above issues are some of the most common and are usually fairly easy to fix if the watch hasn’t succumbed to internal damage, in which case they could need expert watch repairers to fix them.