Organs Most Badly Affected by Smoking Upon inhaling cigarette smoke, no less than 7,000 carcinogens begin churning all over your body, starting in your esophagus all the way to the distant locations you probably wouldn’t think of. In reality, for all its decreasing popularity, smoking is still the number one preventable cause of death in America. About 480,000 people each year die from causes related to smoking. Below are the six organs that are most badly affected by this unhealthy habit: 1. Lungs
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Lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema are three of the most widespread diseases that directly results from smoking. Eighty percent of all lung cancers are because of smoking. As smoke enters the body, it debilitates the fine cilia that line the organ’s inner walls, irritating them so much that they start to overproduce mucous. Death of the cilia brings about mucous build-up, respiration problems, toughening and blackening of previously soft healthy tissue, and in due course, asthma and cancer.
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2. Male Sexual Organ A man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection can also suffer if he smokes. This finding has been repeatedly made over a span of decades, but most compellingly in 2011 when a study proved that non-smoking males’ ability to get erections can be up to five times as fast and durable as smokers’. 3. Uterus Cigarettes make a woman significantly more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy, or a pregnancy in which an embryo implants itself in the fallopian tubes or anywhere outside the uterus. According to a 2010 study, this is due to an overproduction of PROKR1, a protein that limits the fallopian tubes’ ability to deliver the egg to the womb. Research has also discovered that cigarette smoking can cause vitro fertilization failures, adverse reproductive results, lower overall fecundity rates and late pregnancies later. 4. Liver Smoking dramatically drums up people’s risk for liver cancer, as shown by a 2011 study, where they found that almost half of all liver cancer cases are due to smoking. Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common cause of liver cancer deaths. Cirrhosis, a disease in which liver cells become scar tissue, is among the biggest non-cancerous types of liver damage. 5. Eyes Smoking damages the eye in two ways. First, the smoke itself covers your face while you inhale and exhale. Because of the constant exposure to the smoke, your eyes can dry out and get irritated. And then smoking gets in the way of your blood flow, keeping the optic nerve from receiving sufficient antioxidants. This means your blood will become polluted and your ocular organs will starve. 6. Skin It’s easy to forget that the skin is actually an organ, and the largest at that in your body. And in so many ways, it can be damaged by smoking. For one, there will be some profound outer physical changes – tough and wrinkly skin, undereye circles or eyebags, and even stretch marks, stretch marks — all stemming from the skin’s dying elasticity. And then there are the bigger health risks, like psoriasis, warts, poor wound healing and the dreaded skin cancer.