Both men and women are affected by hair loss. While hair recession may present itself differently depending on a person’s genes, people find it embarrassing and disheartening to lose their hair. In most instances, hair loss concealer can be used to create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. There are two main types of concealer, hair fibers and hair powder. Understanding the differences between the two will make it easier to select a product that will work the best for a person’s specific hair loss needs.

Hair Powder

For those experience slight thinning, hair powder may be effective. This product is simply a topical powder that closely matches the natural color of the user’s hair. For the most natural results, it is advisable to pick a color that is one shade darker than their regular hair. This powder is applied to the scalp, in areas where thinning is apparent. By filling in bald spots with loose powder, the illusion of more hair is created. It is quick and easy to use, and generally speaking, hair powder lasts until it is washed out. However, hair powder may rub off on hands or transfer to clothing. It is also noticeable on people with more severe hair loss.

Hair Fibers

Newer to the market, hair fibers are growing in popularity for those looking for a temporary hair loss solution. Unlike powder, fibers actually mimic the look and feel of real hair. These fibers are created out of keratin protein, just like natural hair. The protein is ground into tiny particles. The fibers are then applied to the hair, either by hand or through an aerosol spray. Static electricity keeps the fibers adhered to a person’s natural hair. Users don’t have to worry about the fibers falling out during the day. Fibers can also be used to add volume or to absorb oils. Unlike hair powder, fibers are almost undetectable, and they look the most like natural hair.

Both hair powder and hair fibers are good options for those looking to conceal their hair loss. Hair powder is recommended for those with mild hair loss or fine hair. On the other hand, hair fibers are the best option for people looking to add more volume, while also camouflaging their receding hairline.