A Look at Vaporizer Pens

Vaporizer pens are also known as vape pens. They are battery-powered heating gadgets that vaporize cannabis. Just like e-cigarettes vaporize tobacco. No smoke is produced by vape pens.

A number of users of the vape pen have a notion that the device takes away the negativity related to joints and bongs. Other users consider it as a healthier way of smoking cannabis.

How do vaporizers actually work?
3 Lessons Learned: Vaporizers

Vape pens can be found everywhere these days. Just like its name suggests, it looks like an actual pen. The gadget may be considered to be a high-end cigarette.
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They work with concentrated waxes, cannabis, oils or dry herbs.

Dry herbs are heated by vaporizers to approximately 400?F before combustion. The process allows users to inhale vapor minus toxins found in smoke. Different vaporizer pens are used for different tasks. A number work with dry herbs while others work with waxes and oils. The choice of the vape pen, therefore, is dependent on the type of cannabis.

Most vape pens are efficient with waxes and oils. The oils need to be liquid enough for the pen to be effective. Thick substances are likely to produce smoke.

Vape Pens vs. Desktop vaporizers

Portability is the main difference between vape pens and desktop vaporizers. Desktop vaporizers are ideal for home utility. They operate on technology that allows a balloon to deliver vapor. Others deliver by whip attachments. Other versions can take up both tasks. They are great for indoor parties but may not leave your home.

On the other hand, Vape pens can be used at any place. Not necessarily at home. However, the disadvantage of the vaporizer pen is its short battery life and little chambers. Due to this factor, you are required to refill and recharge the device regularly. Vape pens cannot be used by more than one individual at a go.

What do studies on vaping say?What about the studies on vaping?

The use of a vaporizer pen is usually termed as vaping Vaporizers are reported by most researchers to be a safer mode of smoking, healthwise. Various studies suggest that using marijuana is not as harmful as using tobacco. This is a slight contradiction because they both contain almost similar toxins.

Vaping is considered to eliminate the toxins. Some reports show that vaping is better for your lungs. A study carried out recently showed that chain-smokers of cannabis who switched to vaporizers improved their lung health. Some users stated that they experienced less phlegm during coughing. Others reported rare experiences of shortness in breath while utilizing the pen.

As of now, the pens are still preferred for the convenience, portability and discretion. Many people in the world are adapting to the use of vaporizer pens. Vaporizers may solve health hazards that come with smoke produced when using cannabis. Further research needs to be carried out to evaluate the pros and cons of vaporizer pens.