A Guide to Masonry Repairs

Although masonry repair is very important, most home owners neglect it for fear that it will be a costly one. The structure that is build using mortar like brick, block, stucco, stone, and others is called masonry. The usual cause of damage to masonry are natural disasters or structural issues. If there is a major structural issue in your home then you will usually see cracks on your masonry exterior. In order to confirm if there is structural damage in your home, then you should contact a structural engineer. Depending on the size of your home and your location, you can be charged by a structural engineer a fee amounting of hundreds of dollars.

If you have a brick home, there are many types of brick repairs your home might need, whether it is new or old. The signs to look for that will indicate the need for brick repair are hairline cracks, broken bricks, cracked mortar, and separation of bricks. A structural engineer is needful since these involve structural issues. The structural engineer will determine if your home has foundation issues. If you home has settling issues, then the first project to tackle is setting piers. Raising and leveling your home structure is important if your foundation settles, cracks, or separates. After installing the piers, brick repair can start with the help of a masonry contractor.

Masons find stone repairs more challenging than brick repair. Since natural stone is sturdier than brick, it is not easy to damage it. There are serious consequences if you leave your natural stone masonry damaged and ignored. Damage to natural stone masonry is similar to bricks since you can know it if you find hairline cracks, cracked stones, cracked mortar, and separation of the stone wall.

Cracked blocks, hairline cracks or any type of departure indicates damage in a block wall, which are not really common in most parts of the United States. Damages in your block walls should be fixed at once if you don’t want further damage. Unlike stone and brick, block material holds a lot of weight since they are used to support existing structures. If it is not fixed immediately then it can lead to further damage of the home.

There are some parts of the country where stucco is used more than brick, block, or stone. Stucco is the specialization of some contractors. Since stucco do not support any type of structure, repairs are not as dangerous as brick, stone, or block repairs. The signs that there is a need for stucco repair is when you see cracks on the exterior walls.

You should rely on a professional masonry contractor to deal with different types of masonry repair. If you are going to hire a masonry contractor, you should look for a reputable one that gives warranty information.

Getting Down To Basics with Experts

Getting Down To Basics with Experts