The local dating world has never moved faster, and so many of us have taken trips with our crushes before even giving the relationship a chance to develop into something meaningful. Traveling with someone who gives you butterflies is incredibly exciting because you get to spend every waking hour together for a few days not having to worry about being seen together somewhere, that looming deadline that is hanging over your shoulders or any distraction that takes your mind off him. Today, we take a look at how you can make the best out of the first trip together with a person you don’t even know all that well but are dying to hold tight and not let go.

1.     Pack Light

You’ll be under enough stress constantly going over every possible conversation in your head that you’ll have with the person you can’t get out of your mind, and you don’t need the extra ‘baggage‘ that can only make you look difficult, high maintenance or needy. If this is a long-weekend kind of trip, pack a few outfits for the day and an outfit or two for the night. Pack one to two pairs of footwear at the most, including the ones you’ll have on! Obviously bring all the necessary toiletries, the operative word here being necessary, and minimal makeup because he’ll see you in the morning anyway so why bother?

2.     Prepare a List of Topics in Your Head

Sure, you’ll want to let the mood take you, but you also want to make a good impression on your first trip together. Nobody is suggesting being fake or lying, but omitting a few things would certainly be wise. For instance, don’t talk too much about your family members if your relationships are complicated at the moment, and definitely, don’t fall into a trap of mentioning your ex for whatever reason. Talk about your school days, what’s shaped you over the years, things you like to do, things you’re not a big fan of (tread lightly here) and keep the conversation as upbeat as possible. If you feel like he’s worth sharing a painful memory definitely do it, but try not to put a huge damper on the mood.

3.     Bring Sexy Lingerie and Toys

On your long-weekend trip, you’ll share two or three nights together where there won’t be much talking. Clearly, you want to make it memorable, but remember that it’s better to start to get to know each other slowly than to jump to conclusions about what he likes and fail miserably. That being said, no man in the history of the world has ever said no to sexy lingerie and sex toys! Bring your favorites, the ones that make you feel the sexiest yet confident enough to show it in front of someone new. Take it slow, but slow doesn’t have to mean spice-less! Play out a few scenarios in your head before you leave for the trip, especially if you’re the one who likes to take control.