Pastor Chris’ School is the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He has attempted to offer divine healing to everyone. Here is some information about his congregation and how you can get involved with his ministry.

Witness the Miracles

Every year Chris’ ministry meets in Johannesburg, South Africa as well as Toronto, Canada to meet with thousands of patrons. They offer thousands healing and miracles with an atmosphere of faith. Ministers visit from around the world to attend the Healing School. They attend a Ministers’ Visitation Program that affords them an opportunity to see the miraculous healing.

Television Evangelism

They have a television program called “Enter the Healing School with Pastor Chris” that is watched by millions on multiple satellite and television stations all around the world. They show testimonials from many people who have received healing and miracles from the show.

Website Offerings

The cyber church is designed to help you grow your faith in God through inspiring and interactive meetings online. They offer unique features like video testimonials, session reports, online magazines, and audio confessions. They have a discipleship training program that is organized to help you gain an in-depth understanding of Jesus Christ’s gospel. You can join a group of Christians to help you develop and grow your spiritual life.

The School’s Mission

This ministry desires to help each participant learn the truth about divine healing. They provide healing to those that are sick and bring the gospel to anyone desiring relief from whatever ails them. Students are taught to show their faith in Jesus Christ. They attend intensive teaching sessions learning the Word of God every day, building faith during attendance.

Student Sessions

While students are hearing the Word of God they are receiving faith manifesting the healing power of God. They hear and witness testimonies about miracles and healing from around the world. Those who are lame are made to walk, cancers and tumors are removed, those affected by devils are allowed freedom, blind eyes are shown the world, and illnesses plaguing mankind are all fixed by the healing powers of Jesus Christ.

Chris himself will make appearances, the President and Founder of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. He powerfully is able to demonstrate gifts of the Holy Spirit while ministering the Word of God to those attending. His ministries vision, to carry the divine presence of Jesus Christ to those of the world is fulfilled every day.

It is free to attend the school. You can easily register for them online. Send an e-mail to or call an International Office near you. You are invited to join us, where some hopeless situations can turn around by the impact of the healing anointing of God. Sign up today to take part to witness the healing anointing of God.

The Word of God says in Romans chapter 10 verse 17 in the Bible:

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”