The dating world is by far one of the hardest things women go through. Not knowing whether or not he likes you, or how he cannot commit to you is exhausting. Each day women spend a lot of time talking to their friends about their relationship and asking questions like “does he like me? Or “how will I know if he wants to take it to the next level?” Often, if you are asking these questions, then you probably already know the answer. There are signs that can help you understand the dating game a little bit more. Some of the signs are listed below.

There are signs he won’t commit to you. They are there, and it is important to pick up on such signs sooner than later. For example, if a guy has no interest in getting to know you, then that is not a good sign of a relationship. He should be excited to learn more about you and should ask questions to do that. Another good sign is that if he also does not share information about himself to you. When a guy does not see potential in a girl he is dating, he usually will only offer the bare minimum. Things like where is are from, where he went to school, his work life and such.

Other signs include waiting too long to set up the next date, offers up excuses as to why he doesn’t call and your uncertainty of his interest in you. These three go hand in hand because if a guy likes you, then he will want to take you out on dates, he would want to talk to you or text you. These are ways of experiencing an interest in someone. But if these things are not being done, then odds are, he is not interested in you.

Dating should be simple. People need to be open and honest with one another regarding their interest or lack of interest. You should never have to ask yourself if he likes you. If you find yourself asking that, then the answer is no.