What to Consider When Choosing a Merchant Service Provider

If you want to start accepting credit card payments from your customers, you can choose one of the many payment processors in the market. However, the many options available can overwhelm you. A simple way that can help you know whether a payment processor will be right for you is to determine what your business needs. Your industry should also help you know the right processor to choose. Businesses dealing in various types of subscription, weight loss pills, travel, network marketing and others are considered “high risk” by payment processors. For these businesses, it is advisable to find a high risk merchant account provider.

The definition of “high risk” refers to the probability of customers requesting for refunds for the products or services they have purchased. When the few cents that payment processors charge you for every transaction are added up, they end up becoming huge. Depending on the volume of transactions you are doing, you may want to negotiate the fees with your merchant account provider. You should know the fees you will pay based on the amount of transactions that will be processed, types of credit cards that will be charged and the dollar value.

When evaluating merchant account providers, one of the things you should find out about is cost. Generally, payment processors tied to banks charge higher rates than stand-alone payment processors. Opening a business account with the merchant account provided by your bank may seem like a good move. However, banks typically charge about 100 percent of the fees that standalone processors charge.
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The volume of transaction you will be doing will determine how much you will pay the merchant account provider. Before choosing a merchant account provider, consider your current business size and how much you expect it to grown in the coming years. Another factor to consider is how customers will be paying for your goods and services, e.g. though an online shopping cart, phone or a combination of the two. The payment method used may determine how much you will pay.
What Do You Know About Options

Cash flow is another factor to consider. Find out how long the provider will take to deposit the payments made by your customers to your bank. Different payment processors take different times to deposit payments. There are a number of providers that allow instant access to the funds. The only problem with these providers is that they charge high fees.

To find a good merchant account provider for your business, you need to do some research. When choosing a provider, consider the type of business you want to run. Apart from this, you should check the fees charged by various merchant account providers.