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Ice Skating became one of the sports that will be contested at the 2017 SEA Games in Malaysia. Thus, the Executive Board of the Ice Hockey Federation of Indonesia (PB FHEI) incentive to do one with the preparations in organizing the championship.

Bintaro Jaya Xchange in cooperation with the Ice Skating Rink (BX Rink), PB FHEI ice skating championship titles entitled Indonesia Ice Skating Open (IISO) on February 25 to 27.

IISO an ice skating championship in the category of recreational sports. This year, approximately 194 athletes attended representing five ice-skating rinks. IISO have three categories, namely, figure skating, ice hockey, short track and speed skating.

“Event IISO we hold to maintain the consistency of ice skating coaching athletes Indonesia, in addition, we also want to look young seedlings Indonesia in the future,” said Chairman of the Organizing IISO 2016, Wiwin Darmawan Salim.

At the 2017 SEA Games in Malaysia, the sports of ice skating will play two numbers figure skating and short track and ice hockey. According to Wiwin, Indonesia golden opportunities exist in a number of ice hockey.

Later, after determining athletes, athletes are scheduled to follow a number of tournaments in order to improve its quality. One of them is the Championship Asian Winter Games in 2017 in Japan.

“The first event of ice hockey we’ll come Championship Asian Winter Games in 2017. But we also have the league every week, so, our athletes stay active and fit to play,” he continued

The man who is also Secretary to PB FHEI said, Indonesia has the advantage in the short track speed skating classes. Of this class, Indonesia is believed to be panning for gold in the SEA Games 2017.

“Our target in speed skating. If Figure Skating and ice skating is more evenly because of this class is new. To sharpen the preparation, we will follow the championship in Malaysia and Thailand,” he said, adding.

Meanwhile, Sesmenpora Alfitra Salam confirmed that Indonesia had great expectations with Ice Skating. “Of course this is the right coaching, given athlete requires experience, especially SEA Games live timing. Hopefully, Indonesia could get the gold,” he said.

For recreational sports championship, IISO brings into about 30 contest categories is subdivided into several age groups. The most widely followed by young athletes aged 7-12 years. Interestingly, IISO 2016 followed by the youngest athletes aged two years old and the oldest was 41 years old.

At the closing ceremony of the championship IISO 2016, present Chairman of the National FORMI Hayono lsman, representatives Alfithrah Affairs Salim, Chairman Bambang Supeno Porserosi Banten province, and Director of PT Jaya Real Property Tbk, Kristianto lndrawan. Alternately, officials were present to give medals and trophies to the winners. The best athletes of this competition also featured in the main event.

Each ice-skating rink deputes their best athletes to the performance capabilities. Rink BX represents Melodi (7 years) and the Chairman of the Committee in 2016 at the same IISO BX Rink Manager, Salim revealed Wiwin Darmawan, the implementation of this third IISO, as the quality is much better. Many ice skating athletes who have a higher skill level, participated in this annual championship.

Event IISO 2016 can be used as a platform to search for young seedlings that will represent Indonesia in the 2017 SEA Games in Malaysia and the Asian Winter Games in 2017 in Sapporo, Japan. Moreover, BX Rink will also be a national training center for ice skating athletes nationwide.

The event IISO into preparations for the championships which will be held at BX Rink next year. One of them, BX Rink will host Skate Asian championship in 2017. Competition is usually followed by almost 700-1,000 athletes from 15-20 countries. This is the first time Indonesia was appointed to host the championship, Skate Asia.