Your wedding plans are sailing along seamlessly so far, but now you’re stumped on the question of which baker to choose to bake and decorate your wedding cake. Not only will your cake create memorable picture taking moments, it will also be remembered long after your vows have been said. One of the most important tips is to book your wedding cake as far in advance as possible, to avoid possibly being disappointed.

You’re going to need an important source of good, solid advice when it comes to selecting the perfect bakery. You want your cake to reflect your individual taste, plus you want the decorations placed on the cake to reflect who the two of you are as a couple. Whether you find a bakery by searching online, choose one recommended by friends and family, or from reading reviews posted by satisfied customers, you want your decision to be a well-informed one.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Baker

There are several things you’ll want to find out before you make your final choice. Two of the most important factors are whether they have your wedding date open on their calendar, and pricing. Here are some other important things to find out before you make your bakery decision:

– Photos of Completed Cakes – You’ll want to find out if the baker you’re considering has a portfolio they’ve put together featuring photos of cakes they’ve made in the past

– Expertise in Decor Elements – If you have something specific in mind, like the use of specially designed fondants, you want to make sure you find a baker who has expertise in creating fondant toppings. You may have something special you want used like edible glitter, and you need to find out if they can do what you want

– When is the Cake Baked? – You’ll want to know when the cake will be baked so it’s as fresh as possible. Many professional wedding bakers make the topping decorations ahead of time, but hopefully the cake itself is not baked too far in advance

– Specific Topping Requests – Find out if you can have specific elements you’d like on your cake. A good example of this is wedding toppers. See whether the baker can get toppers that truly represent you as a couple. This is especially fitting if you are an interracial couple or unique in other ways. You can get toppers today that represent anyone!

You always want your cake to be a good representation of the two of you. It’s your special day and there is no other couple like you in the world!

Choose Traditional or Trendy

Some couples simply adore a traditional cake with bride and groom toppers, floral elements and lots of frosting. Popular trends today range from watercolor designs that are hand painted, to vintage styled cakes, to fascinating toppers made in a calligraphy style. When you put careful thought and consideration into your cake and into choosing the perfect baker, you’re more likely to get exactly the wedding cake you’ve always dreamed of.