The Purpose Of Law Law is very crucial in lives of human beings. We cannot deny the fact that people cannot be civilized unless law binds them. Individuals like the priests and dictators were given the responsibility of guiding the people in the past years. We do not expect to see this ancient mode of ruling today. Nations take pride in the rule of law that they have embraced. Law is universal in many countries. Everyone who is a citizen of the nation as under the law despite the fact that they are top leaders. The rules do not allow a single person to assume its powers. The law is expected to meet the requirements of its population. Due to this reason, the members of the state can propose for changes in the constitution because it is changeable. Individuals of a particular nation act within the requirements of the law. We can know what we are required to do and what we should not do. The criminals are individuals who do not respect the law that abides them. Whenever one behaves in a way that compromises the requirements of the law they are judged according to the guidelines given by the law. We utilize the court system to administer justice to individuals who are considered to be criminals against the rule of law. No one wishes to find themselves in a criminal offence because they are sure that the law will hold them responsible for every act they engage in. There are two main categories of law. They include the civil law and criminal law. The civil law guides the behavior of human beings towards one another. It gives a guideline on how human beings interact as well as the consequences of hurting your neighbor. The criminal laws expect us to respect the sovereignty of our country. if you break a criminal law, you have sinned against your nation. The punishment that one will be given for engaging in a criminal act is more severe than that of a person who has broken a civil law. National and international law are not the same. The federal law binds the people who live in one country while the international law binds several nations together.
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The availability of the rule of law in any society is important because it makes people live together. It ensures justice is accorded to anyone who is treated wrongly by their fellow human beings. Take for example a worker who has been hurt in the line of duty. The law provided that they are entitled to compensation by the firm they work for. This enables individuals to respect each other because they are aware that no wrong act will go unpunished.A Simple Plan: Services