The Perfect Lip Enhancement for Every Age

There is an art to lip enhancement. Who you choose to do your injections can mean the difference between getting the dreaded over-filled duck look or a fuller, natural-looking pout. The key to a natural, beautiful lip enhancement is in the injector’s approach. Patients at every age have different goals and motivations.

For patients in their early 20s, it can be the need for better facial balance and fuller lips. For an older patient, an enhancement can address volume loss, a blurry lip line and wrinkles around the mouth. We reached out to New York dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD, to find out which issues patients are facing in each decade and how she approaches lip enhancement at every age.

In Their 20s:

According to Dr Peredo, patients in their 20s most often have issues of genetic lip imperfections like asymmetry, thin lips, a gummy smile or their expression might appear sad or angry. “It’s really about enhancement,” says Dr Peredo. “Patients this age tend to love the look of fuller lips. My job is to make sure they look proportionate to the face. I look at the whole person sitting in front of me to bring balance to the entire face. Sometimes the most important decision I make is what NOT to do. I always seek a natural look that will be barely noticeable to all but the patient.”

Treatment: Two syringes of filler in the upper and lower lip.

In Their 30s:

Lips are at their fullest at the ages of 16 to 18. In the 30s, a fairly noticeable thinning begins to happen. “At this age, the biggest issue is the loss of collagen and elastin, which results in thinning and drying of the lips,” says Dr Peredo. “Lip lines, which are caused by a combination of sun exposure and the natural ageing process, can also appear. Increased muscle activity from daily facial expressions also contributes to upper lip wrinkles. I look to fill the lighter wrinkles so that they don’t become ingrained into the skin and inject a small bit of filler into the lip to retain its fullness.”

Treatment: One syringe of filler in the upper and lower lip.

In Their 40s:

Patients in their 40s may experience even more drying and thinning of the lips. “In the 40s, the area around the lips, such as nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and oral commissure (corners of the mouth) also change,” says Dr Peredo. “They may become deeper and more pronounced, so that area needs to be treated as well to support the lips. The overall expression of the patient appears to change. So for patients in their 40s, it’s all about restoration. I use fillers to not only maintain lip fullness but also to diminish wrinkles that have already begun to set in.”

Treatment: One syringe of filler in the lips in the commissures (corners of the mouth).

In Their 50s:

For patients in their 50s, the approach is to look at the overall facial structure. Often, … Read the rest

Tips on Caring for Face and Body Skin Before Sleep

Exposure to sunlight and pollution gives a negative effect on the skin. If it persists, then the skin can be damaged which causes premature aging. Therefore, it is very important to do skin care. To get a skin care product you can get it in the Skin Care Heaven.

Using sunscreen during the day is not enough, the skin also needs care at night. In the All Day, All Night with the beauty consultant Dr. Nanang Masrani explains the importance of taking care at night.

“Night skin care is also very important because, at night, the skin lacks water so it needs a moisturizer,” explained the doctor graduated from the Academy of Aesthetic Medicine Diploma in Hermitage hotel.

At night, when the body is asleep, it also becomes the time for the skin to regenerate or renew. After exposure to the environment, the skin will work to change the cell at night.

Dr. Nanang adds, although naturally, the skin can regenerate itself, but with proper care at bedtime, the skin regeneration will be faster, so the old skin will be replaced with a new skin that is healthier, brighter and shines. Here are the steps in taking care of yourself at night, before bed.

  1. Makeup Remover

If all day wearing makeup, the first step is to clean it with make-up remover. Products that the material like the toner with a mixture of oil can lift the makeup on the face to clean. If you think using face soap is enough to lift make-up, you are wrong. Facial soap is not as good as make-up remover in cleaning make-up thoroughly.

  1. Shower and Wash

After a day of activity, you should cleanse yourself with a shower and clean face with soap. Choose a mild soap and soap for the face with a mild and moisturizer content, which does not make skin dry after bathing.

  1. Serum Face and Body

After bathing, dry the body with a towel made of soft. Avoid drying the body by rubbing the towel onto the skin because it can cause the skin to dry and damaged. When the face and body are still in a humid condition, apply face serum to the entire body. Fortunately now, serum products also exist for the body.

It is said by Dr. Nanang, serum is better than lotion or cream because the nutritional content more and can absorb quickly in the skin. “Body serum can absorb within two or three minutes immediately absorbed perfect,” said Dr. Nanang.

  1. Eye cream

Why is eye cream important to use? Because the eye does not contain oil. No wonder, the skin more quickly wrinkled eyes than other faces. The content of eye cream can prevent wrinkles, brighten the dark circles of the eyes and reduce swelling. Apply the eye cream with ring finger, press the soft part of the eye to help the absorbed eye cream product perfectly.… Read the rest