Bikers are wonderful men to date, but getting over them requires a team effort. Much like your best friend played tennis with you four times a week for about three consecutive months when you broke up with your high school boyfriend, your friend who’s had her heart broken by a biker needs you now. Being there for someone who’s recently had their heart broken certainly puts things into perspective, and gives you the opportunity to evaluate your life, but most of all gives you a chance to really be a friend and help another person. Obviously, you’ll also be the voice of reason, blocking any biker dating sites on her computer, just in case, but most of all you’ll be there to listen, understand, offer empathy, and ultimately guide someone out of their emotional gutter. Below we discuss the top 3 ways to do that.

1.     Talk About Him As Much as She Likes

Your friend is hurting, and she needs to get all that negativity out of her system. Her strong need to talk about her ex biker could suffocate you at one point, but tough it out because she really needs someone to listen to her and tell her everything will be all right. Breakups are awful, and they take a toll on a person’s life, affecting their health, work, other relationships, and overall well-being, putting everything in jeopardy for the time being.

No, you won’t be able to bring him back, fix her life, or do anything in the grand scheme of things to change the situation. However, the mere fact that you’re there for your friend in the weeks or months following her breakup, attentively listening to her vent day in and day out will help her feel better in that given moment, which is a good start.

2.     Get Her Out of the House

Crawling under the covers and waiting for it all to blow over is the first reaction many of us have when faced with a broken heart.  The best thing you can do for your friend is find a way to get her out of the house. It’s unlikely she’ll want to go to the movies, the gym or shopping for a new dress, but a short walk around the block when the sun sets should be doable.

It’s an exercise for the body and the mind, which she desperately needs, and having someone to ‘exercise’ with is priceless at a time like this. A walk will help get rid of at least some of the negative energy, and fresh air will ease the mind.

3.     Bring Her Healthy Snacks

Sure, this is the time for all the comfort food she can possibly get her hands on, but going back to you being the voice of reason, bringing some healthy snacks into the house will ensure her body gets at least some of the nutrients it needs to function properly. She will obviously neglect her health and appearance at this time, but you’ll be there to remind her of the important connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind without saying a single word.

All you’ll do is bring a bag of almonds into the house, chop them up along with some fruit, finish your serving off with a scoop of ice cream to show you’re not totally heartless, and share this snack with your friend. She’ll know even at that moment how much you’re doing for her, and just realizing she’s not alone will be of tremendous help.