On December 31st, 2017, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome led a New Year’s Eve service of hope and inspiration. If you missed it, don’t fret. The entire program has been preserved on video.

The night’s celebration kicked off with a song honoring the lord. The theme of the song could be found in the words: “So we lift up our hands to praise your name”. Following the hymn, Dr. Chris Oyakhilome took the stage, encouraging the crowd with a barrage of chants praising the lord. In response, a packed house of excited worshippers roared as Pastor Chris appeared. Dr. Oyakhilome had to make multiple appeals for the followers to be seated.

The overall theme of the night was gratitude for all the past year’s blessings, and that all must be grateful for the good things in life. As for the ministry, the success of its mission to spread the good word could not be overstated. The church produces the document entitled “Rhapsody of Realities”. Global demand has led to 1.3 billion copies being distributed in more than 900 languages. This book is the best way for the ministry to share the gospel with others on a worldwide scale. In addition, the use of media (TV, internet, radio) through networks like Loveworld USA have helped the church increase their audience.

How else has the ministry served the people? The ministry has been active in communities helping inner-city and at-risk kids. Through Pastor Chris, the hopeless are finding hope. The sick are being healed and the number of educated ministers has increased thanks to the International School of Ministry (ISM).

What was it like to witness the New Year’s Eve service in person? It’s hard to put into words the exhilaration of living in the moment, to experience that renewed faith of what is possible through the words of Dr. Oyakhilome, who was just as inspired by the crowd size and enthusiasm. Normally you’d expect this at the Super Bowl. But this mass gathering was to listen and embrace the word of God, delivered by Pastor Chris.

After an acknowledgment of Christ’s forgiveness and compassion, the evening continued with a rendition of the anthem for the Believer’s Loveworld Incorporation that touched the crowd. Following the song, the FALA (Future African Leaders Awards) winners were announced. The awards are in recognition of those who’ve become pillars in their communities having chosen a life of service.

Then there came another highlight of the celebration. The appearance of Martin PK who performed his award-winning gospel song entitled “Beautiful Jesus”. To complete the evening, Sinach treated the congregation to a song of inspiration that was uplifting, so much so that she was joined on stage by many pastors in the community representing Christ Embassy and Loveworld.

As the service concluded, Dr. Chris addressed the masses while thanking the lord. His words were heard not only by those fortunate to be in the venue, but around the globe through various media. The masses were able to be part of the celebration, and touched by the word of God through Pastor Chris. His message would resonate with all who listened as he said, “Oh father we thank you, we worship you, we honor you. Thank you for your love, for your grace, for your kindness. We worship you. Thank you for the year of flourishing, and our flourishing continues in the mighty and matchless name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!”

Pastor Chris left followers with some final thoughts – be optimistic about 2018 and strive to improve as a person.