Trying to decide what to give someone who is suffering can be difficult. It doesn’t matter if someone has a broken arm, the flu, or a more serious medical diagnosis, a gift can always make a loved one feel better. So, here are 8 great get well soon gift ideas.

1. Funky Bed Socks

One great get well present is Cosy Bed Socks. These bed socks are available in a range of different designs to appeals to all different types of personalities. What’s more, they come displayed in a stylish gift box with a decorative ribbon. Treats for feet are generally universally appreciated, as they can come in handy when the person gets better as well.

2. Chocolate Messages

Personalised, thoughtful chocolate messages can be a great way to boost the spirits of someone who is feeling under the weather. This type of gift allows you to show your heartfelt thoughts and support for people in need. Individual squares of mouth-watering Belgian milk chocolate can be used to create a message that is as silly or sentimental as you like.

3. Sleepwear

“A new pair of pyjamas or a cosy dressing gown can make an excellent gift choice for those currently spending time in a hospital or in bed at home,” says a care assistant at Gabriel’s Angels. PJs make a good addition to a larger get well hamper. Make sure to get PJs that button at the front if the person is struggling with their physical mobility. If the weather is currently very hot, opt for nightwear made from lightweight materials. In the cooler month, choose more thicker, cosy designs.

4. Pampering Gift Sets

When a person is feeling sick or rundown, they often forget to take time to look after themselves at a time when they need it most. So, encourage a person going through a difficult time to take some time to pamper themselves by presenting them with a loaded pampering gift set. Choose a set that is packed with scented candles, natural toiletries and super soft face cloths.

5. Puzzle Books

Being confined to bed rest in order to recover from an illness can be long and boring. Any type of gift that can keep a person entertained while they recuperate is sure to be appreciated. Small puzzle books that contain word searches, crosswords and more are sure to make someone smile. What’s more, small books are easy to pack in a hospital bag.

6. Mindfulness Gifts

There have been many studies that show mindfulness can improve conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. It is also known to help in situations where a person is coping with the diagnosis of a terminal illness, insomnia, bereavement and more. It can be hard to show someone you are thinking of them when they are suffering from mental health issues that often don’t have clear physical symptoms. Mindfulness gifts include things like blank journals, self-help books, relaxing candles, and calming essential oils.

7. Personalised Mugs

While a cup of tea isn’t the answer to all of life’s problems, a personalised mug is a very British way of showing someone you care. When placing your order for a personalised mug, you can request the person’s name and a short message for inscription. The message can be heartfelt and meaningful, or funny and creative. A personalised mug really is a unique, thoughtful gift that recipients are sure to treasure long after their recovery. Keep in mind you can also place additional small gifts inside the mug.

8. An Original Card

There is a wide range of generic “Get Well Soon” cards in high street card shops, but often a situation does not suit that sentiment and it can be hard to find a card with an appropriate message. Fortunately, there is a much larger range of cards available online and you can always buy a blank card and add your own personalised message.