What Natural Cancer Cures You Should Know

Are you aware of the natural cancer cures? Whatever you heard from the doctors, your friends and also the mainstream media, there are surely cancer cures that exist now. So many people believe that the only method that they can cure cancer is by chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Here are the important things that you should know about the natural cancer cures.

One good natural cancer cure is detoxification. When you want to prevent and get rid of cancer, then you should detoxify the body. Know that detoxification is one process in which you will cleanse the body. Each day, the bodies are being bombarded by those harmful toxins. You are going to ingest toxins through the air that you breathe, water as well as the food that you eat. What you should do is that the toxins are poisonous to the body. It is quite impossible for you to avoid and cure cancer without detoxifying the body. There are many cleanses which you can do in order to remove the toxins. You can go for the parasite cleanse, the colon cleanse, kidney cleanse and the liver cleanse and also you can have the full body fat cleanse. You may find those products that can help in cleansing the body online or through the local health food store.

Also, you can benefit from taking green tea on a daily basis. If you are very serious about preventing and also getting rid of cancer, then you should drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea each day. It is a great thing that you are going to drink green tea instead of the soft drinks. You must ensure that you buy organic green tea since such is not sprayed with those harmful chemicals. Studies show that the green tea contains powerful antioxidants that can help neutralize the free radicals in the body. You must know that free radicals can destroy the DNA of cells and this would cause cancer to form.

Also, a natural cancer cure is to raise the body ph. It has been found out the cancer cells are anaerobic. You have to know that anaerobic means that they can’t certainly survive the alkaline environment. It is acidic when the body ph is zero to six and 7 is neutral. More than 7 to 14 is alkaline. Know that the cancer cells live in the acidic environment but they die off when the body ph is alkaline. You can raise the body ph by eating different fresh fruits as well as vegetables. You must also put five to 10 drops of ph booster in your drink.
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