Big ladies are not exactly a new subspecies of the human race. Moreover, there was a time when the bigger the woman was, the more attractive men considered her to be! Consequently, we can nowadays date and meet plus-size ladies through BBW dating sites. This dating niche has been on the rise for quite some time, probably thanks to numerous body positivity movements that encourage both women to accept their bodies and men to freely express their love for big ladies.

However, there are still a lot of misconceptions revolving around big, beautiful women. In that name, let’s take a look at the 5 most common myths about them.

  1. They All Love to Eat

Although one could easily conclude that all fat people in the world became fat because they love to eat more than an average person, that’s not always the case.

As it happens, many big and obese people are struggling with extra pounds due to other things, like hormone imbalances, inherited diseases and so on.

  1. BBW is Just a Fetish

Seeing as big, beautiful women are not widely considered as sexy, most people believe that if someone likes a BBW, it must be due to a fetish they have.

This is not 100% true. Even though it goes without saying that BBWs are a thing in various fetish communities, it’s not like people are attracted to them only because of their weight.

  1. BBWs are Unhappy

Science has proven repeatedly that being obese is unhealthy and even dangerous, which means that every obese person must be unhappy because of their body shape and size, right?

Wrong! Regardless of whether we’re talking about BBWs or any other big person, you shouldn’t ever assume that they’re sad or depressed about their body condition. Moreover, there’s something quite liberating about embracing your body just the way it is, especially when you’re healthy and don’t want to lose pounds just so that you could please someone else.

  1. BBWs like Comforting

There’s no woman in this world who doesn’t like comforting because… that’s what we know about women? But what if we told you that most BBWs don’t actually want or need any comforting in their life?

As we’ve stated before, a good portion of big, beautiful women out there are perfectly content with their lives and the way they look. Therefore, you shouldn’t tell them they’re “beautiful the way they are” or that they’re “not fat at all.” All of them are very aware of what they look like and they’re happy about it.

  1. Fat Shaming Doesn’t Exist

This is the most gruesome myth about big women there is. Fat shaming is as real as all those jokes people make because of someone’s weight or body size.

However, fat shaming is undoubtedly more shameful than being fat. It’s something that affects big people around the globe and shouldn’t be ignored whatsoever.