Why Use Coconut Oil As Your Personal Lubricant? For lots of good reasons, personal lubricants today are more popular than before. Among the reasons for this is that, it further enhances sexual experiences either with a partner or solo. A study made to 2453 women has discovered that women feel more pleasure when using lubricants whether you believe it or not. It is because of the reason that some women don’t produce enough natural lubricant and end up in complaining vaginal dryness. This is actually a common issue after menopause but can also happen after pregnancy or if she’s using hormonal birth control. In reality, personal lubricants are offered in 4 general categories similar to petroleum, water, silicon as well as natural oil, which include coconut oil. In the next paragraphs, we will be talking about the different benefits of such. Petroleum based lubricants – this is the thickest lubricants that you can have and can last for long, it works perfectly fine underwater like pools, hot tubs, showers, oceans and the likes. However, try to avoid using such with rubber and latex as it destroys it.
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Silicon based lubricants – if you are in search for a lubricant that is very thin and can go a long way too, then this is probably what you should be looking for. Not only that, it has no problem using it along with rubber toys and condoms and similar to petroleum based lubricants, it works well underwater. And because of the reason that it is free of parabens and glycerine, it shouldn’t change the pH level of the vagina.
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Water based lubricants – as what the name suggests, it is a water based lubricant and universally safe with all condoms and sex toys. It normally contains parabens, propylparaben, methylparaben and butylparaben. Natural oil lubricants – majority of the natural oils contain long chain of fatty acids and these oils include olive oil, nut oils as well as ordinary salad oil also known as vegetable oil. On the other hand, these oils can’t claim the same benefits that are derived from coconut oil which has medium fatty acids. This allows the body to easily absorb and interact with the oil compared with those that have long chain fatty acids. There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you opt to using coconut oil such as the fact that it’s 100 percent organic and natural, soothing to the skin, non toxic, helps in maintaining normal and healthy level of vagina’s pH, has long lasting effect without the need for reapplication, edible and has a great taste, may be separated to smaller amounts and perfect for anal play as it’s a bit thicker compared to other lubricants and stays in place easily.