Discover Various Types of Cooking Methods Using Natural Oils

There are different cooking techniques that people use in cooking. The locations, type of oils, availability of resources and cultures are determinants. There are so many cooking ways in the world today. In general, they can be grouped into three, the dry heating method, the moist heating method, and the combination heating method. In cooking, water or steam air and fat can either be used. In science, this is the use of mediums, conduction, convection and radiation to transfer heat.

Water or steam is used in moist cooking method as a medium to transfer the heat. This includes steaming of foods, simmering, poaching and boiling. The use of low temperatures in cooking foods under water is known as poaching. Here no bubbles are seen in the liquid. Simmering is the use of medium heat and small bubbles are seen forming. This is mostly seen in preparing stews and soups. Boiling involves using very high temperatures and creates many huge bubbles in the liquid. Heat produced by the steam produced when water has reached a boiling point is used to cook foods when steaming.

Incorporation of both the dry and moist methods is referred to like the combination cooking. It is common to see this in stewing and braising. Most foods like stews, vegetables and pastries are done in this form of a cooking method. After dry-heat cooking the foods, then water is added to moist heat them under braising. If water is added to the level of covering the ingredients then that becomes stewing.
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Very high heat is, and no water is used when dry-heating. This happens in sauteing where little oil is used under high heat. The ingredients are added once the oil starts to smoke. In pan-frying, oil is poured into the hot pan, and once it heats up then the ingredients are added up.
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Air is used in roasting and baking to transfer heat in the ingredients. This is mostly done using an oven which is good at maintaining constant temperatures for a long period. The method is preferred when cooking large items. The natural juices blend well bringing out the flavors when roasting and the browning effect which much adore.

Grilling is also a dry heat method used all over the world. Unlike roasting, this form of cooking requires skills and experience to work it well. To bring out the best results and to prevent burning, a good iron cast surfaced grill is best used. As a part of grilling, broiling involves the use of an overheat source to cook the food placed underneath it.

Deep frying is another popular cooking method where a lot of essential oil is used to cook foods dipped in it.