The ability to make a delicious meal does not guarantee a success in making a business. Knowing how to make food and managing your business are two different things.

If you have mastered in producing food or Various snacks, then now is the time you must know how to start your business.

Here we present some tips and tricks in starting a business in the field of food:

* Renew and improve the quality of your home cooking. To find out the taste quality of cooking, you can share samples with friends or relatives to get their reaction to your product. After that, you fix it to their liking.

* For food that has segments, you should be able to update from the recipe, the appearance or the way of presentation.

* Keep in mind also the sales outlet, do you plan to open shop or cooperate with other parties? For example, if you choose to open a wedding cake business, you can work with the wedding organizer.

* Another sales strategy is you can also cooperate with some canteen business. You can supply the dishes every day to be sold in the canteen. For this, you should also pay attention to the delivery system, as it relates to transportation costs.

* Think of technology to accompany your product. Does your product need a special room to prepare it? Is it necessary to buy special equipment to store raw materials? and so forth.

* But at the beginning of the business, you should reduce the expenditure for investment in production technology. This you can do in a simpler way, or you can do cooperation with others in supplying the raw material needs.

* The goal is that you are not too heavy in meeting the needs of venture capital. After your business runs smoothly and has a fixed customer, then you can purchase the production equipment.

* You should think that your products are safe to consume and bring profit. Maybe you are thirsty to test your product firstly to the competent party to ensure the safety of your product so as not to be a problem in the future.

* If you start a snack business, think of an attractive package to give more value to your product. In addition, it can improve the product image of potential buyers. Packaging can come from a type of plastic or paper.

* The most frequent problem in running a food business, is fear yourself. Thoughts on whether the product is selling or not, how about when someone complains, etc. For that, you should prepare yourself and uphold the principle of “Successful efforts, can only be achieved through a process of obstacles”.